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  Sorry.This Sight Does Only 18years old or More and Japanese language Only.  

!! 警告 !!      !! WARNING !!
このウェブページには成人向けコンテンツが含まれます。      Contents for an adult is contained on this Web page.
未成年者の立入を禁止します。      An entry of a minor prohibits it firmly.
  また、性的な表現に不快感を感じられる方の入室もご遠慮ください。          And please refrain from entering a room of a person felt  
an unpleasant feeling for in sexual expressions.
  入室の結果不愉快な思いをされるとしても、それは貴方の判断ミスであり、        Even if it is assumed that it is done an unpleasant idea as a result of  
  entering a room, it is your judgment mistake.
  当方では一切関知いたしません。     I am not concerned in us at all.
  節度ある社会人として、全て自己の責任でご判断ください。     Please judge moderation by responsibility of self
  as one member of society entirely.
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I am a minor or self cannot have responsibility.

I am an adult and have responsibility in an action of self.